This Game Can Guess What I Draw! -

This Game Can Guess What I Draw!

Reaction Time
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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to Quick, Draw! Which is an extremely fun and interactive game where you have to draw what it tells you and it will guess what you’re drawing.

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  1. You ar de best droro👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. When you said what starts with f and ends in A u c k you just spelled the word f**k

  3. I won't rost you woldint taste good

  4. my teacher for a banana said long yellow things😂😂😂😁😀🤣

  5. The game is called drawing challenge if you want to play it

  6. Im kalaya i love your drawing its really good

  7. “what starts with F and ends with U C K? That’s right, a fire truck!”

  8. thats a horrible baceball bat it looks like a long organic object

  9. Me:im trying to draw a bird my computer:its a nose acrow a plane a bever

    Me:SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!😡😠

    My comuter :😨

  10. My m7m has a cup with a photo of that cat thing on her mug! XD

  11. I like your banana in 🙂 and toilet and bulldozer reaction time it’s OK.

  12. Apparently the great wall of China looks like an eraser 😂😂

  13. What word starts with an F and ends with uck. It’s firetruck

  14. It's 2020 and Tal still uses the word "baby" to express excitement and victory 😂❤

  15. Tal isn't that bad,right? right!!!!!!

  16. I uuummm. There's no anything on your chest… …. But I subscribed I love you tal we love you

  17. 4:46 ”Or the Great Wall of China’s”
    Xi Jin ping from China:

  18. Lol every you draw his first word is diving boarf

  19. How can I play this do I ask Google guess my drawings I think it might be that comment down below if you know what it is

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