This Game Let's You Draw Your Own Car to Complete Challenges! - Car Drawing Game First Look -

This Game Let’s You Draw Your Own Car to Complete Challenges! – Car Drawing Game First Look

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Welcome to Car Drawing Game! A game where you must complete physics challenges and puzzles by literally drawing the shape of your car from scratch. Whatever you draw, will attempt to automatically drive forward towards the finish line. Will it be able to overcome the obstacles? There are 50 levels total at the time of this video and the game is currently in development.

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  1. This game looks like one of those shitty mobile games

  2. 14:22 That level's called "3-pointer" because you're launching the car into the hole on the other side. As in making a 3-point shot in basketball, nothing to do with triangles.

  3. Hey, what about making a creation in "Trailmakers", what can tear itself using jet engines or other type of engines? I think, it is interesting. And what are you thinking about tower of howers, where hovers stands on each other? (P.S. Sorry, I dont know English well, but, I think, idea is understandable, I hope) 🙂

  4. The game has a rendering issue with the boxes. Strange.
    Very meh game. The premise seems to have potential for interesting gameplay mechanics but everything's riding on the level design. Which would be fine if there were cool applicable techniques but you always do the same thing, redraw variations of one or two things until it just works.

  5. tht intro was a fail XD Ya should make a new 1

  6. when I was playing the cogwheel level, my car went UNDER THE COGWHEEL AND GOT BACK UP AND CROSSED THE FINISH LINE!!!

  7. He’s taking about ratio and distribution when he is playing an in development game. LOL

  8. Scrap man: i think we want something like we had before, long and short.
    Me: ummmmm

  9. The car you made on “hard box” looked like Treyauras. And if you don’t know who Treyauras is then watch DanTDM’s episode “Treyauras is dead” Ps it is just a prank.

  10. 3 pointer isn't more like a basket ball reference??

  11. 3-pointer must mean triangle, totally not like basketball to throw your vehicle in the hole… totally…

  12. This is how much scrapman said “woah!” in this video

  13. if you make a long stick it will work on almost every level!!!!!!!!

  14. i finished the last level with just a small line

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