Uncomfortable Sounds with Ohmwrecker + The Spongebob Special - THE DRAWING GAME - pusugames.com

Uncomfortable Sounds with Ohmwrecker + The Spongebob Special – THE DRAWING GAME

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  1. D'ya reckon Nogla's on his 1 month man-period? He has been getting really, really pissed off recently…

  2. Vannos you do realise that cannada is still in America

  3. Brian on every poorly or weirdly drawn animal: It needs to be put down.

  4. Would have been nice to see some different drawings than what everyone else already uploaded days ago.

  5. To Jiggles editor – Don't zoom into his face when he makes a joke to which no one laughs.

  6. Oh say can you see,

    "I can't afford insurance"

    -all of middle-lower class America.

  7. “that looks like a macarena” yeah brian. that’s what it’s called.

  8. mr panda have u met the guys? evan seems so nice =) well he is canadian haha.. naah seems so down to earth 08:09 haha damnit i said animal food hahaha same as nogla.. same stupid.. sooooon terroriser we will come =) you guys made "us" days to make a laugh.. depressed guy here and this helps =) FOR SURE thanks Anthony for u you are =)

  9. Dad: son your adopted

    Son: pulls out reverse card

    Dad: ………

  10. _ _- _ _…..

    Po-op comes in mind…. Welp going back to the ep that 'po-op' was created (hide'n'seek)

  11. Panda has one of the best/most contagious laughs ever. Change My Mind.

  12. As soon as i saw __-__ i instantly knew it was yo-yo

  13. I just wanna point out that roses do NOT work like that at all lmao

  14. Of the best sessions! Thanks! LoL

  15. its nice to see your smiling more in these videos of late 🙂

  16. I didn't know y'all like classic rock/pop metal/glam metal.

  17. In the other peoples vids panda comes accross like the ragey guy.. but after watching some pokemon card openings or generally his POV he seems like a fun guy to hang out with 😀 <3

  18. I laughed so hard at this video, Panda you are the best! Your laugh gets me going every time 😭🤣😂

  19. Why is mayo a thing? It doesn’t fit for anyhing except corn with cheese

  20. 9:22 I love how terrorizer drew a Stratocaster body with a Gibson neck 👌🏻

  21. He spells Santa Claus like Santos close. XD

  22. Fun fact: a hummingbird is the only bird that can fly backwards

  23. Me: mom can I have a Yo-Yo?
    Mom: we have Yo-Yo at home
    Yo-Yo at home: Yo-Yop

  24. Totally random but one of my favorite duos of the group is Brian and Anthony because of how giggly they get when they’re together.😆

  25. Hey, I was just wondering when you're gonna do your next pokemon card opening. Tag team is out and it's great! I opened one booster pack and got a rainbow rare pikachu&zekorom (how ever you spell it) I hope you get just as lucky or luckier then me! I really enjoy your card opening and I was just curious as to when the next one is. Love your channel and keep it going

  26. I known a guy online and he said “My safe word is Pineapple” I stared directly into the cam and said “you spongebob? Wtf?!”

  27. I think I said it before but you gotta slap Po-op on a T-Shirt or hoodie

  28. Brian: "What are cats and dogs, Nogla? They are known as what?"

    Nogla: "Animals."

    Brian: "No… but what KIND OF animals?"

    Nogla: "….uhh…… Furry animals?"

    X'D X'D X'D LMFAO!!

  29. 16:34 I'm so 🔥🌴and I made the mistake of drinking tea and watching that part.

  30. You spell it fairy. He's spelling it canadian….

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