Using a Drawing Tablet for Gaming? -

Using a Drawing Tablet for Gaming?

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  1. i prefer tablet input to mouse input for using my computer and playing games like osu, and terraria.

  2. i'm watching this while my drawing tablet is in front of me…

  3. the one time i tried to use my tablet for an fps the camera just went crazy

  4. Your videos are really good! new sub here and i'm on a channel binge 😀

  5. Why would you try to play a FPS with a drawing tablet, as opposed to the obvious choices of RTS, MOBA or overhead action RPGs?

  6. Osu! Players Shut the fuck up. No one cares

  7. I play a shooting game with a drawing tablet but im somehow better on it than on a mouse + my mouse broke

  8. Whenever i try it my games just make me spin

  9. For your wrist sliding you could probably use one of those two finger drawing gloves

  10. "… and i missed my oportunity. Eminem would be pissed". lol

  11. You can use gloves and remap the shoting buttom for some key on the keyboard, só you don't lose precision while shoting

  12. Nobody literally nobody

    Osu players:my time has come

  13. Using a Samsung Smart Fridge to play Garfield Kart.

  14. Monitor takes up mouse space < monitor is mouse

  15. im using huion pen… can't use it someone know how to solve this ?

  16. Yeah because on s mouse pad ur arm levitates

  17. Does anyone have experience getting this to work in Tarkov? I have a
    Wacom Intuos Pro that is fully functional otherwise, so correct driver,
    works in browser and every other application, set to mouse use, and it
    will detect the pen buttons in-game but gets no response for movement.
    I've toggled the other pen settings but this has no effect. Any
    suggestions are appreciated.

  18. I came here after I found out my coworkers use to play her graphics tab for gaming. This is new to me and usually do it solely for work.

  19. "slidey action on my wrist" tablet gloves are your friend there!

  20. With friction you should get the anti friction gloves

  21. Does anyone know is the Wacom Intuos works in FPS too?

  22. Tried playing it on dying light…

    I lost so many survivor points

  23. i actually use a tablet for games! i got rid of my mouse and use my xp-pen star g640 for EVERYTHING on my pc.

  24. I tried to play CoD with a pen tablet, I'll never going to use that mouse ever again.

  25. I want to know if I can get a kamvas and use it as a monitor for shit too

  26. Instead tapping to shoot with the pen I use key buttons to shoot.

  27. I use a Wacom over mouse for daily use. I tried playing LoL with it. It's decent but painful since I had to constantly press the pen button for right clicks. Better use a mouse for gaming, tho.

  28. me a osu 5 digits that can't even aim using mouse trying to play fps in tablet

  29. at least its much better than using laptop touchpad for gaming lol

  30. I use xp pen. Was going to game with it as a small goof
    Its doesn’t work for me XD

  31. I’ve seen a guy (think his name is star rain) who uses drawing tablets in games like valorising or apex

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