Vaush plays DRAWING game with TheSerfs, Dylan Burns, Actual Jake, pixelsmixel & more... -

Vaush plays DRAWING game with TheSerfs, Dylan Burns, Actual Jake, pixelsmixel & more…

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Vaush plays Gartic Phone with pixelsmixel, TheSerfs, Dylan Burns, Actual Jake, Katarana, Kar on a charity stream.

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people featured:
👉 TheSerfs ()
👉 pixelsmixel ()
👉 Dylan Burns ()
👉 Actual Jake ()
👉 Katarana ()
👉 Kar ()

📌 Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction & explanation
01:02 Let’s draw!
02:30 Time to react!
08:58 Is Vaush going to use his tablet?
09:50 Round 2: Let’s draw!
11:16 Round 2: Time to react!

🎵 “Destiny”
🎵 Instrumental by Homage
🎵 ON IG TAG @HomageBeats


🏷 #vaush #charity #telephonegame #garticphone



  1. 06:18Well, Dylan Burns got the debate with Johnson Dinkle, and well, beat him to a pulp.

  2. We need more of this. With even more people. Please

  3. I've played this game with my co workers before. Fun times. These guys should do this again!

  4. Did Vaush used to draw? He's a pretty excellent artist

  5. I appreciate vaush debunking his undebunkable argument by pointing out that fishing is a thing

  6. Vaush really needs to do this more often, this is gold lmaooooo.

  7. Yo when was this? I must have totally missed this stream.

  8. i really wish people would stop interacting with the serfs

  9. Vaush and actual jake at the same time? Heck yea

  10. Dude, the transition from “Soy” to just straight up “Mike from [REDACTED]” made me laugh so hard I cried. 😂

  11. nice editing vaushite person i was looking for this

    also hope voosh does this again, it was insanely funny

  12. average conservatism fan: nooo gay
    average dylanburnstv and vowsh enjoyer: g a y y y y y

  13. That was hilarious! Have a comment for the algorithm!

  14. I literally stopped playing my video game to watch this and I can't get over how funny it is lmfaoooo

  15. Every vtuber I know play this game. Now even youtube politician play this.

  16. Would've loved to see some of the drawing process and what Vaush was saying the whole time

  17. Omg do this more it was hilarious and your so talented!!

  18. There is a convergent evolution… they all go back to vaush

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