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We Laughed TOO HARD at This Drawing Game..

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We Laughed TOO HARD at This Drawing Game..

In today’s video we played GARTIC PHONE. We have to draw and then guess what the drawing is ONE BY ONE with a new drawing each guess. I hope you enjoyed the video! Please drop a like and a comment, it would be greatly appreciated! 😀

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Friends In This Video :
Puffer: @Bigpuffer
Grizzy: @Grizzy
Hyper: @HyperNovaPuma
Crispy: @Crispy Concords
Cheezy: @Im Cheezy
Suda: @Im Suda


  1. Traium: I didn't think it'd be that obvious*. The drawing: *I'm suda logo

  2. waiting for some 14 year old wannabe IG activist white girl to say that them making jokes about EDP was racist

  3. Traniun yelling at Crispy was fucking priceless 🤣

  4. Tranium could have easily said Pictionary, but hell nah. He had to explain in detail what it was besides just saying Pictionary. I love this man

  5. I laughed my ass off this whole video lmaooo

  6. How am I supposed to stay quiet watching this while my family is sleeping

  7. Idk if this is because im high, but this is the funniest video ive seen from you

  8. Hardest ive laughed in a long time watching one your videos i love you tranium 😂🤣

  9. hyper's laugh makes me laugh every single time 🤣

  10. Can you guys play jackbox that would be really funny

  11. Tranium was straight up brain dead on most of these, lmao.

  12. Tranium I love you but ur just really bad at this game lol

  13. I’m reading a shrek x reader smut while watching this

  14. This video was hilarious, you should make more videos on this game

  15. Dang that sucks. Tranium kept ruining the prompts

  16. I laughed though all the video please make another video about this game

  17. Why do I get this in my sub box 2 days later smh

  18. You guys need to invite soup next time you play this.

  19. I kinda wanna see tranium with cartoonz kinda

    mostly cuz i watched both play this game

  20. Tranium is genuinely terrible at everything

  21. this might be the hardest i’ve laughed at a training video good shit

  22. THE best gartic phone vid out of alllll the creators damn

  23. Soup needs to use Cheezy's drawing of him as a bowl of Soup.

  24. if i saw 9:10 i woulda answered “italian hitler fighting corpse husband”

  25. I’m in school trying so hard not to die laughing out loud right now. Shits difficult

  26. They should make that a movie godzilla vs king Kong vs the giant gingerbread from Shrek

  27. Hey!! Its time to draw shreks funeral!

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