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We Ruined This Drawing Game

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Using only our memories to draw beloved characters and absolutely failing at it.
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  1. Smii7y please watch a Episode of Courge the Cowardly Dog it's on Max

  2. For the first time in so long I have been in tears laughing

  3. fuck, i havent laughed this hard in a video for so long

  4. Dude i laughed so much on this video

  5. 17:28 I went to school with Noah & the amount of time people yelled "GIBBIE!" across the quad was insane .

  6. 5:56 I love how none of them knew what a wendigo was and drew the most out of pocket things you’ve ever seen 💀 like is that sonic??

  7. onec in 2012 for the first alfe of the year i laget thaught thta the year was 2020 intill i remembered that i was still 13 at the time …i am curently 24

  8. Smii7y is the only gamer I’m subscribed to and it will stay that way.

  9. How do I even draw better than a grown-a$$ man when I'm twelve??

  10. this is the most I have ever cry-laughed watching a video


  12. Barney more like Barney behind the slaughter

  13. Pretty good at calling out which one is yours

  14. Act like I said something horrible

  15. I had to watch this on the toilet so I didn’t piss myself laughing 😭

  16. i like how Kryoz is going full on artistic and other 3 are like f*** it we do what we want

  17. Every time I watch ur videos I’m immediately laughing my ass of at the sheer chaos unfolding 😭

  18. Not gonna lie. When I first saw the image for this video I thought it was a ER door, not SpongeBob.

  19. 7:19 I can tell he's trying to draw Jamila from first Ultraman while thinking its a Titan- 🤣

  20. Dude your videos are hilarious. My sister got me to watch your videos and now I can’t stop! Keep it up. 😂

  21. That ain't Barney that's the man behind the slaughter

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