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We play the game Drawful, a game much like Fibbage in that you have to lie to win – but with pictures! We offer up nothing but the most terrifically terrible drawings and see who can decipher them the best. The loser gets something pretty for their Instagram!

The whole Smosh Games crew gets together to play in an EPIC CHALLENGE every Friday! The price for failure? Humiliation!

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  1. Did anybody see Wes cheating by looking at mari's phone

  2. That picture of mari looks like she was lost in the country

  3. Wes was looking at Mari’s screen in the first round, bet that’s how he knew

  4. Mari was really Fucking annoying in this one

  5. when you say it it sounds like you say gay bang

  6. For saluting duck u could of had captain quack

  7. Joven acts like me when I’m playing games with my friends

  8. it's been three years and I just now noticed that Lasercorn has a Transformers shirt on!!

  9. I saw the picture and immediately knew it was mighty ducks

  10. Since the Annotation links don't work anymore, what is the video on the left pane at the end of this video?

  11. I remember waiting for Friday for this game bang… lmao why does this still feel new 4 years later

  12. Sohinki guessed the name of FNAF 6 puppet suit before it even came out XD

  13. "I'm a deuce who deduces!"

    I sometimes watch this whole video for that one line!

  14. 4:39 – Joven exclaimed about his misspelling, but it was Wes who misspelled there.
    You gotta give props to Joven for him being a good sport while assuming the 'bad at everything' role.

  15. watching this in 2020 and the way snapchat looked is making me cringe sm

  16. God this version of smosh games is so much better than the new one

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