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Wholesome GF ASMR LIVE: Just chillin |Games or drawing, just hanging|

Wholesome Girlfriend ASMR
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Thanks for coming! Here we can just chill or you can even ask me some questions. This is just for funzies💜

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  1. I always miss your damn streams. It triggers me.

  2. man i forgot i was in this one but barley lol 1:25:01 but not much to say since i was going though a a very hard time that month but i will try to never be a spoiled sport but yea things got a little more fun your know :}

  3. For a can of beans, it does get lonely but these videos remind me that I am not forgotten

  4. I will never get over my love for Catori’s voice! It’s soothing with a little bit of raspiness, it’s a weird combo but I love it!

  5. To be honest my favourite game series is an RPG called fire emblem. If interested you can look up what's up it's about and if do you want to try it I recommend awakening. God I'm such a Nintendo geek.

  6. I get pinned if you get fooled by this

    Read more….

  7. Another great livestream, yay!

    Edit: If you need more ideas for Orc GF I can give a few ideas featuring a mini series of vids…
    The first vid could be Orc GF receiving an invitation from her sister telling her she is getting married…everyone of Orc GF's friends/family are going to be there, and she wants to know if the Listener will be her date for her sisters wedding…she is going to have to get the Listener to dress in traditional Orc fashion

    The next vid could be Orc GF getting a gift for her sisters wedding, which could involve Orc GF & Listener going on a mini quest to find that one gift

    The third vid could feature Orc GF teaching the Listener what to expect at an Orc wedding, Like expecting to partake in arm wrestling, drinking large amounts of home brew, etc.

    The fourth and final vid could be after the wedding ceremony as Orc GF is helping the drunk listener home & she is very impressed by how they conducted themselves…Listener single handedly won over all her friends/family through various shenanigans whether it be defeating an ex in arm wrestling match, not flinching once during the couples knife throwing competition (Ork GF apologizes for slightly knicking their arm), and the fact that the Listener out drank almost all the competition…

    Hope this helps give you any sort of ideas

  8. Shoot i missed it again. I am hitting the notification button now

  9. hearing your voice on livestrem maybe me feel relaxed and thanks for reading my comment look. forward to seeing more amazing beautiful asmr's all your subscribers love you. Thank you so much for making our days better 💖

  10. Aawh, bummed I missed this stream. 🙁

    Had jam session with my guitar teacher.

  11. Now that I think about it instead of building Legos, draw something for the future of the channel for 100k or 50k…..😎

  12. And Catori before I go, can you tell me what pen you use for your phone or tablet or recommend me one? I use IbisPaint and I'm dying to use it.

  13. UwU-ing Catori on the next stream's thumbnail pleeeze!

    I really enjoyed the stream. Thank you for the fun time Catori <3

  14. The Stream was perfect after a day of hard work, thx for interacting with our wholesome community this way gremlin Catori! It really brights up mine, as well as a lot of other peoples weekends I'm sure ^^ Time flew by so fast that I am sad it's over already but I can look forward to the next one at least. Much love to you and RIP to your poor brother who died in ARK as he lived, being a cheeky boi uwu. Have a good one fellas <3

    P.S.: German blood! POG XD

  15. sigh you never cease to bring the nostalgia out of me Catori I swear ha ha
    Thanks for accepting being my Muse it means a lot. I'm happy your community is still Civil and not weird (okay Jury is out on me but still I only wish you the best XD)
    Catori, Videogames are 90% my life and You are a remarkable individual I admire that inspires me so of course I'd love more gaming streams!
    I'm not a Apex guy but if you stream I'll be there that one time to see what you think of it, Minecraft is the ultimate chill stream game I'd love to see you build a house in survivor, and more overwatch wouldn't hurt maybe you'll remember the audio ;p
    Anyway have a lovely day dude luv ya 💚
    Oh and the quote "Tingle-Tingle Koo-Loo Limpah" is from Legend of Zelda Majora's mask from the character Tingle he's a short fat 35 yr old man looking for Fairies but he's also an Excellent Map Merchant ha ha ☝ I should get you to quote more Wholesome things next time I see you =P

  16. I love these streams and am so onboard on doing an entire stream talking about cartoons and telling some of our favorite episodes and quotes including jokes 💙

  17. Loved the stream it was a lot of fun hanging out with y'all, anyway have a good night Catori 💙

    Pancakes 🥞

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