William Shakespeare, The Guy From Braveheart Right? - THE DRAWING GAME - pusugames.com

William Shakespeare, The Guy From Braveheart Right? – THE DRAWING GAME

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  1. Lol I got the noto for this video 12 hours after it was uploaded. This is the second time I’ve watched this video 😂

  2. Would you STOP WITH THE SAME MEME,it’s getting repetitive.

    Just make a new one.

  3. Thats good, but you need to SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE

  4. "Oh. I was typing in William Shakespeare."
    Jiggly nearly dies

  5. Marcel, I’m so proud of you on your first Homer. Awesome job.
    Gg everyone

  6. Do you know what would be cool! If you guys did a livestream with subscribers and play this game.

  7. It amazes me every time how people can guess Ohms shitty drawings. I mean they are so bad Terrorizer even left 😂

  8. Anthony’s got the Seth Rogen chuckle. That’s how you know he does weed

  9. Marcel hasn't seen Lord of the Rings?

    Kay. I guess I better go unsubscribe now..

  10. These guys should stop calling it, “the drawing game” and just start calling it, “The game where we just draw fuckin’ homer a lot”

  11. 11:30 – That looks like a mix-up of Homer, Bart, and caveman Spongebob.

  12. Well hot damn. Congrats! You're on Trending!!

  13. For the next video, I think it’d be hilarious if none of them drew, or even mentioned Homer simpson.
    Just to screw with the audience.

  14. Commentary is always great, but the homer thing is getting stale pretty quick now.

  15. I want to see them put elephant man and how they draw homer as him

  16. Was about to take a shit but started the video first, now I'm just sitting on the toilet with nothing coming out. Thanks Marcel >:(

  17. I love that William Wallace was an option in this tbh

  18. William Shakespeare, LOL, please kill me know

  19. Luv the vids so much u can make almost every single thing funny af

  20. Marcel was trying to shit so hard he turnt into the color of it

  21. honestly I never go incognito for porn, I mean if someone wants to look at my history, it's their loss

  22. The first drawing I thought it was the pope having his hat fondled by god

  23. The homer rule just makes this so much better. Lol

  24. 3.5 months since Marcel last played with Evan…

  25. I dont know why but I just fuckin love that porcupine part, everything about was perfect

  26. Remember when Nogla play as Homer from an old Gmod video

  27. Did you know delerious is subscribed to everyone in the crew but you

  28. Next challenge, your image must be drawn without changing the initial color and must be one continuous line, once you click to draw, you cannot let up until it's done.

  29. (Around 6:13) Looks like The Simpson's meets Ed, Edd, and Eddy…

  30. I thought Jiggly is going to pee again when Evan said William Shakespeare

  31. 14:57 That's not Homer, that's not even E.T.! That's vineMeat! yeeeOWwww

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