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Y’all I tried the bloody knuckle game

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  1. “You okay stupid games you win stupid prizes” – Taylor swift


  3. This isn't the bloody knuckles I know..?

  4. I tried the bloody knuckle quarter game and God dang there was lots of blood but hey I'm good

  5. I'll add this to the list of stupid games to play with friend, along with the knife game

  6. I’ve made my knuckles bled by strumming a guitar the wrong way 😭

  7. I remember I rubbed an eraser on the back of my hand and then scraped it with a rock for about two mins, there’s now a big ass scar to join the rest of the stupid decisions I have made (that last part means sh)

  8. I'mma go play this with my friend as a coping skill byyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  9. bro tried to play minecraft irl💀

  10. Oue game in the neighberhood is using our fingers to flick the person that lost a game of rock paper and scissors but not on the knuckles only the middle of your fingers

  11. Youtuber moderation:👩‍🦯👨‍🦯👩‍🦯👨‍🦯👩‍🦯👨‍🦯👩‍🦯👨‍🦯

  12. Thats nothing i got my friend to hospital and my finger is fucked

  13. Bro I've bleed worse💀💀 that's nothing

  14. You are typically the type of person who would need an internment for your weakness. It's dangerous and you do it, talk about it on social networks like other young people do it, stupid, it's his health It's anything but a game

  15. Bro it’s not impressive dawg 💀. Only impressive when you get blood on ur knuckles from doing boxing or knuckle pushups.

  16. Its a turkish game let me explain for the real game You need at least 2 people for the game firstly you should throw the coin in the air and try to catch it with the back of youre hand After the thrown money is squeezed between your fingers, you punch the table hard three times and If you drop the money, you got punished for the punishment you flick te money eachother (IT İS NOT A GOOD GAME DON'T PLAY THİS You all know wrong and I can't allow it)

    Now this game is banned in schools in Turkey and students' hands are constantly checked

  17. Nah bro played minecraft IRL ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  18. POV: me breaking obsidian with my fist:

  19. I always won theese games at the lunch table in third grade felt like a bad a$$

  20. As a masochist, im so glad i learned about this. Im forcing my boyfriend to play it with me everyday now.

  21. First of all for someone to make a game like bloody knuckles a thing and then maybe what 30+ years later people still playing bloody knuckles. I swear this game was made back in 1980 or something like that. Lol

  22. That's nothing a had bigger scratching myself. Go play wrapped knuckles with a pack of cards

  23. I bet his knuckles are even more durable than before

  24. Man I got bored and punched a wall until my knuckles bled like that

  25. bro it happened to me when i punch the wall 🤌😑🤌

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